Val Masino and Val Bregaglia

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The first thing to mention here is that THERE IS NO LIFT TO GO THERE. The only way to climb on these wild peaks is to walk from 2 to 5 hours and to sleep in a mountain hut or bivouac.

Despite this, there are hundreds of routes; we will only present the major ones here. Some of them are famous the world over, whilst others are lesser known and suitable for those who are looking for something unique.

Piz Badile

May be the most famous of the area; certainly the most climbed!

Cassin Route

Piz Badile North face .ma_heading_wrap280 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Cassin Route FA July 14-16th, 1937 – Riccardo Cassino, [...]

North Ridge

Piz Badile North face .ma_heading_wrap284 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } North Ridge, or Nord Kante FA August 4th, 1923 [...]

Normal route

Pizzo Badile Rifugio Gianetti and the South Face of Badile .ma_heading_wrap103 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Normal Route FA [...]

Molteni Route

Piz Badile South-East Face .ma_heading_wrap195 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Molteni Route FA 1935 – M. Molteni, M. Camporini [...]

Val Porcellizzo

Spigolo Vinci

PIZZO CENGALO Anticima Punta Angela 3.215 m South Ridge .ma_heading_wrap247 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Spigolo  Vinci FA 1934 [...]

Spigolo Marimonti

PUNTA SERTORI 3.195 m South Ridge .ma_heading_wrap284 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Spigolo Marimonti FA 1923 – P. Marimonti, [...]

Via Mauri Fiorelli

Punta Torelli South Ridge .ma_heading_wrap356 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Via Mauri - Fiorelli FA 1955 – C. Mauri, [...]

Val di Zocca

Val di Zocca and Val Torrone

South ridge– Via Osio – Canali

Pizzo Torrone orientale South ridge .ma_heading_wrap292 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Spigolo Sud – Via Osio - Canali FA [...]

Taldo Nusdeo

Picco Luigi Amedeo 2.800 m South-east face .ma_heading_wrap180 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Taldo Nusdeo FA 1959 – V. [...]

South ridge – Spigolo Gervasutti

Punta Allievi - 3.121 m South ridge .ma_heading_wrap307 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Spigolo Sud – Spigolo Gervasutti FA [...]

Spigolo Parravicini

Cima di Zocca - 3.175 m South-east ridge .ma_heading_wrap16 .heading_desc *{ font-size: px; ; } Spigolo Parravicini FA 1937 – [...]