Anticima Punta Angela 3.215 m
South Ridge

Spigolo  Vinci

FA 1934 – A. Vinci, E. Bernasconi, P. Riva

350 m (12P) 6a max

For those who like rock climbing, this is probably the best ridge of the area! Various climbs, mostly south facing, with some steep and exposed sections. It must go from your “wish-list” to your “done-list”!

Even though the original “integral” route is much, much longer, it’s common to climb only the second part, which is considered to be more beautiful and pretty hard.

For the complete version, add 350 meters of altitude, 5lb of weight and an early morning start!

3/5 (4/5 for the Integrale)

2 max

2 days

Rifugio Gianetti

Experience in rock climbing or mountaineering, moderate overall training.

1 person: € 600,00 – 2 persons: € 350,00