South Ridge

Spigolo Marimonti

FA 1923 – P. Marimonti, D. Contini

550 m (14P) IV/IV+ max

Classic, beautiful, easy grade ascent that involves a long easy section, separated by more sustained pitches. The memorable arête-pitch along the cuspidi (pinnacles) Ferrario merits a few stops along the way to take some get worthy photographs and memories away with you!

If it doesn’t get too late, and the mood is good, it’s possible to keep on riding and, after a rappel, join the ridge that leads to the summit of Piz Badil.

2 max

2 days

Rifugio Gianetti

Experience in rock climbing or mountaineering, moderate overall training.

1 person: € 550,00 – 2 persons: € 330,00