Single Day Hikes

Valmasino and Val di Mello, together with Bassa Valtellina area and the upper part of Lake Como, offer an almost infinite list of single day excursions. Depending on your wishes, we are able to arrange customized hikes. Some of them are suitable for families or big groups, whilst others, longer and more technical, are addressed to small groups and experienced hikers.

If you are based in Valmasino and don’t want to drive (good environmental-friendly choice), the classic single-day hike towards one of the many mountain huts or bivouacs is maybe the best option.

An excellent alternative, without driving too far, can be the Alpi Orobie. This mountain range surrounds Valtellina to the south and, due to climate and geological various factors, has very different environments and landscapes.

Among the thirteen lateral valleys that compose the Orobie, we definitely suggest you a visit to the closest one, Valtartano, a beautiful valley located right in front of Valmasino. Here, among different hikes between woods, alpine meadows and small glacial lakes, few of them offer a superb view of all the peaks that crowns Valmasino. Once the duty is done, after having enjoyed a good typical meal in one of the family-run restaurants, we strongly recommend a dizzy walk across “il Ponte del Cielo”, the highest european Tibetan bridge.  Built in 2018, this suspended pedestrian-bridge is one meter wide, 234 meters long and 146 meters high and offers an amazing view over the lower Valtellina and Lake Como final tail! Thanks to its certified and safe structure, it can support up to 100 people at the same time and is suitable also for families and kids. Since it’s becoming pretty popular, during the weekend, an online booking at it’s mandatory, but, trust us that it’s worth a try,  especially if you want to enjoy a bit of coolness during sweltering months like July and August.

For a single-day tailor made hike send us an email!

May to November

1 to 8 hours

Starting from 60,00 € p/p for a group of 4 people