Crack Climbing

Climbing cracks with good techniques should be the minimum knowledge for every alpinist who wants to climb faster, safer and effortlessly. If you’re bored of lay-backing and suffering on grade 6 cracks, this is the right “jamming” course for you.

Equipment – Use of nuts and friends – Hand taping – Finger, hand and fist jamming – Off-widths and Chimneys (when available) – Lead climbing on trad pitches

1 person 260,00 €, 2 people 320,00 €, each extra person + 40,00 € – max. 5 people

Experience in sport climbing, lead climbing grade 6a

Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope, personal trad-gear, 2 HMS carabiner, ATC belay device or similar, slings

Shouldn’t be necessary at that point of your climbing career…

Spring to Autumn

Val di Mello, Cadarese and Valle dell’Orco in Piedmont

Come raggiungerci

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Materiale alpinismo

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Valmasino e disgrazia it

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