Trad climbing course

Rock 4

Val di Mello is renowned across the Alps for its traditional climbing routes. The use of friends and nuts, as well as the correct way to set up a belay, is essential to stay safe and have fun, on our “easy but demanding” trad lines.

Equipment – Knots – Use of nuts and friends – Setting up a belay – Aid climbing – Gear organisation – Rappelling – Strategy

2 days for single pitch + 1 day for multipitch

1 person 260,00 €, 2 people 320,00 €, each extra person + 40,00 € – max. 4 people

Experience in sport climbing, lead climbing grade 6a

Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope, personal trad-gear, 2 HMS carabiner, ATC belay device or similar, screw-gate carabiners, slings

Shouldn’t be necessary at that point of your climbing career…

Spring to Autumn

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