Friction climbing

Rock 4

Friction climbing is “the classic” discipline of Val di Mello. The ancient glaciers flowed along the walls and smoothed the surface of the granite. Only the hardest minerals were able to resist the high pressure and now they offer just the tiniest of features to rely on. The rest is a rounded rough surface that is climbed simply by trusting the rubber on the soles of your climbing shoes and a completely fearless disposition 😉

Friction climbing techniques and tips – a lot of practice

1 person 240,00 €/day, each extra person + 30,00 €, max. 5 people

Experience in sport climbing

Harness, helmet, climbing shoes, rope, personal trad-gear, 2 HMS carabiner, ATC belay device or similar, screw-gate carabiners, slings

Included in the price, except climbing shoes (10,00 €/day)

Spring to Autumn, possibly when it’s not too hot…

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